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This was another tough week to pick the top songs.  Not because there were too many good ones but because we had the monotonous task of weeding through a lot of bad songs.  Once we finally pulled ourselves off the floor after hours of research and listening, we found eight damn good tracks for you [...]


DARK FORTRESS Venereal Dawn: Album Review

by Mike Lawrence on August 21, 2014

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Dark Fortress’ latest album brought me back to 2001 when WWE bought out WCW.  I know it sounds weird to bring pro wrestling into the equation when discussing a black metal album.  However all I could picture in my head every time I listened to Venereal Dawn were the interactions between Stone Cold Steve Austin [...]


Heavy Metal News Week in Review: 08/22/14

by I.O. Kirkwood on August 21, 2014

A summary of heavy metal news for week ending August 22, 2014 including stories on Alice In Chains, Anthrax, GWAR, Butcher Babies and more.

ALICE IN CHAINS’ Sean Kinney Says Streaming Services Devalue Music ALICE IN CHAINS’ drummer Sean Kinney is not a fan of music streaming services. He had the following to say: “You have these Spotifys and Pandoras where you get access to almost every piece of recorded music on the planet. And then that’s great for [...]


ACCEPT Blind Rage: Album Review

by Mike Lawrence on August 20, 2014

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Remember what metal was like back in the day?  There were no subgenres. Metal was known as just heavy metal.  Every single song had a long and usually excellent guitar solo.  Guitarists understood the importance of a solid gallop.  Choruses were sung or shouted in harmony by all members of the band.  Riffs were created [...]


The best underground heavy metal bands battle for supremacy - Unscarred, Systemhouse 33, DivahaR, Provoke Destroy, The Averist, and Kafirun

We’re going to try something interesting this post. Readers are encouraged to listen to the following six I.O.’s Pick of the Week and vote for their favorite. Voting will close after 4 weeks. As each set of I.O’s Picks are voted, the bands that garner the highest ratings will be featured in a Top Ten [...]

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Pick your poison this week.  There is literally something for almost everyone with the huge variety of new albums dropping.  Accept has unleashed quite possibly their best album since the 1980′s.  Dragonforce brings another one of their gamer infused power metal opuses.  If you are looking for something a bit different, there is the new [...]


DRAGONFORCE Maximum Overload: Album Review

by I.O. Kirkwood on August 17, 2014

A review of <em>Maximum Overload</em> by Dragonforce set to release August 19, 2014 via Metal Blade Records featuring a cover of Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.

Maximum Overload is a pleasant, melodic, power metal record aimed at youthful fans with the goal to fill their heads with odes to destiny, allusions to magical beasties, and allegorical trips to Narnia. This is a story of escape and wish fulfillment and it will sell to a demographic with incredible amounts of disposable income [...]


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The vast majority of new songs and videos this week come from up and coming metal bands or bands you may not have even heard of yet.  There were a ton of new songs this week and many from bigger bands but the underground trumps most of them this time around.  Hopefully many of the [...]


Heavy Metal News Week In Review – 08/15/14

by I.O. Kirkwood on August 14, 2014

A summary of heavy metal news for week ending August 15, 2014 including stories on Slipknot, Chris Adler, Overkill, Satanic Warmaster and more.

Who Drums on the New SLIPKNOT Track??? Chris Adler had this to say about the drum track for SLIPKNOT’s new track “The Negative One”: “You know, I listened to it and I thought it sounded a bit like me, too,”…”At the moment, I just don’t recall doing it.” Hmmm, read for yourself HERE and tell [...]


DICTATED The Deceived: Album Review

by Mike Lawrence on August 13, 2014

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Before the end of 2013 I did not know much, if anything, about Dictated.  Fortunately last year, the band signed with Metal Blade Records and little nuggets of information began to trickle in.  They are a death metal band from the Netherlands.  OK death metal from North Western European areas usually tends to be pretty [...]