Concert Review: 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Tour Is A No-Zima Zone

by I.O. Kirkwood on May 8, 2014

RGGT splash

The roster for the Revolver Golden Gods Tour is a deliciously tight mix of fresh talent and tried-and-true heavy metal. The show started off with the brutally vivacious Butcher Babies and their blend of groovalicious horror thrash. They ripped into “I Smell A Massacre” and I don’t know if it was where I was standing or the hit of albuterol I had just taken, but the presence of all the band members was seriously 3-D.  It was a set of neon pink (Heidi) and black (Carla) windmills, ear-melting screams, and high-energy shenanigans from Henry, Jason and Chrissy.

Butcher Babies Set List

Butcher Babies

Butcher Babies | Photo credit: Timothy Reese

  1. I Smell A Massacre
  2. The Mirror Never Lies
  3. C8H18 (Gasoline)
  4. Jesus Needs More Babies for His War Machine
  5. Mr. Slowdeath
  6. Magnolia Boulevard

Devil You Know came out next and just as expected their set played meatier and richer on stage taking their best heavy songs to the next level. Sankey’s drumming blew my hair back and a spectator beside me said, “Damn, that’s fast.”  Howard Jones did his signature scream/growl vocals with bassist Wombacher handling most of the clean and some scream accents. Jones has a very personable stage presence. After explaining that he’d almost died and never thought he’d perform again, Jones said, “Don’t try almost dying. It sucks.”  Artusato, though restrained with his solo work, represented and Roy Lev-Ari, the new kid on the block, had his back.

Howard Jones of Devil You Know | Photo credit: Timothy Reese

Howard Jones of Devil You Know | Photo credit: Timothy Reese

Devil You Know Set List

  1. A New Beginning
  2. My Own
  3. Embracing the Torture
  4. Seven Years Alone
  5. A Mind Insane
  6. Shut It Down

I’d asked several concert goers who they were here to see. The most common response was, “All four.” “Down and BLS only,” was the runner up. One or two complained about Butcher Babies and Devil You Know but they struck me as Old School metal heads. The general consensus was that the lineup was pretty kick ass and a couple fans waxed poetic about DYK’s new album to boot.

Down brought their signature NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) metal to the stage and the crowd surfing began. I played it safe at stage right while Fillmore staff moved back and forth in the pit (the barricaded area in front of the stage) to catch falling bodies and administer hydration to the crushed masses. It was a head banging, horn-wielding riot of epic restraint as Down ripped it up with classics such as “Eyes of the South,” “Hail the Leaf,” and “Stone the Crow.” Phil Anselmo razzed the balcony telling them to “put down your Zimas and get off your asses” or something to that effect. Someone looked at me and said, “Wow, Phil’s changed. I like this Phil!” Whether or not Phil has changed, the boys of Down took no prisoners and drank no Zimas.

Phil Anselmo of Down | Photo Credit: Timothy Reese

Phil Anselmo of Down | Photo Credit: Timothy Reese

Down Set List

  1. Eyes of the South
  2. ?
  3. Witchtripper
  4. Lifer
  5. ?
  6. Hail the Leaf
  7. Losing All
  8. Stone the Crow

Things looked like they were going to settle down once Black Label Society hit the stage, but no. The crowd surfing resumed in earnest as Zakk Wylde and the 9th incarnation of BLS started their set with “My Dying Time” from Catacombs of the Black Vatican. The mixing was superlative, Zakk sounded amazing, and I have a whole new appreciation for one of the bands that kept my inner Beast company in the 2000’s. Naturally there was a shredding soliloquy after “Damn the Flood” in which Zakk demonstrated why he is considered one of the fastest technical guitarists of the time. The crowd got a little restless near the end but the solo was well received overall.  The 15-song set was a nice collage of BLS’s career that wrapped up with “Stillborn” from The Blessed Hellride. BLS sent fans on their way with sticks and picks, sweaty face cloths, inflatable balls and a random SOLO cup of something. It was surreal.

Black Label Society Set List

Black Label Society | Photo credit: Timothy Reese

Black Label Society | Photo credit: Timothy Reese

  1. My Dying Time
  2. Godspeed Hell Bound
  3. Destruction Overdrive
  4. The Rose Petalled Garden
  5. Heart of Darkness
  6. Overlord
  7. Damn the Flood
  8. Parade of the Dead
  9. Fields of Unforgiveness
  10. Angel of Mercy
  11. In This River
  12. The Blessed Hellride
  13. Suicide Messiah
  14. Concrete Jungle
  15. Stillborn
Black Label Society | Photo credit: Timothy Reese

Black Label Society | Photo credit: Timothy Reese

Butcher Babies made themselves available right after their set for meet to greet and to sign memorabilia. I missed them but was lucky enough to spot Carla standing next to me during the Down set. Devil You Know also came out to meet and greet, except for Howard. Seems near-death makes for early bedtimes and I was not going to disturb a man’s stayin’-alive sleep for an autograph. But I did get Francesco’s and managed not to squee like a complete fan girl.

This was a concert I’d been waiting to see since it was announced and it was better than I had expected. That means it was super-cala-freaking-fragilistic awesome! So if you’re moaning about the price, just divide it by four and you’ll realize it’s totally worth the money.

Have you seen this tour? What did you think? If you were at the Fillmore in Silver Spring and know the two Down songs I’m missing, hit me up in the comments.

ioI.O. Kirkwood is a Metal Descent contributor.  You can check out her personal blog at


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