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I have literally never seen anything like what happened on the night of November 28, 2014 at the Worcester Palladium.  I arrived fifteen minutes before the show was to start and the line to get in was down the street and around the corner.  By the time things kicked off at 7:30, the entire venue was filled to the brim with fans.  It is really rare to see a place full for the opening act but then again you don’t often get to see Exodus as the first band.  Like a dumbass I wondered why Exodus was opening.  It wasn’t until later that it dawned on me.  Gary Holt plays in both Exodus and Slayer so surely he needed a break in between sets.  The place was loud, crazy and excited for the entire show. It was one of the best live experiences I have ever been a part of.



Welcome back Steve Souza!  What a triumphant return for the man who is arguably Exodus’ most popular singer.  The band ripped through six tunes with break neck precision.  Classics included “Bonded By Blood” and “The Toxic Waltz”, while the their excellent new album, Blood In Blood Out (Check out our review HERE), was represented by the speedy tracks “Black 13” and “Blood In Blood Out”.  For those of you who have not yet gotten the chance to see Exodus live, guitarist Gary Holt kicks some serious ass.  After checking out Exodus’ quick, yet poignant set, I was excited to see what Holt had in store for us with Slayer later on the night.  As much as I loved this performance, the band definitely could have benefited from turning the bass down a bit.  At times it was hard to hear some of the riffs and vocals.  Fortunately because of the intense energy that Exodus brought, it was never really noticeable enough to adversely effect the overall performance.


  • Black 13
  • Blood In, Blood Out
  •  Blacklist
  •  Bonded by Blood
  •  The Toxic Waltz
  •  Strike of the Beast




Goddamn, I thought Mike Muir was gonna have a heart attack on stage.  The man is 51 years old and he ran around for the entire forty-five minute set.  When he wasn’t running he was swinging his arms in the traditional hardcore swim move.  He never once dialed down on the intensity.  It was as good as seeing them back in the 80’s and 90’s.  Even though Muir is the band’s only remaining original member, Suicidal Tendencies has not skipped a beat.  The current lineup has an immense amount of talent and with the exception of drummer, Eric Moore, every member joined Muir in sprinting around the stage.  Because of this, it was damn difficult to take pictures but it made for one seriously intense show.  The crowd was fully into everything Suicidal was dishing out.  Everyone was singing along while continually chanting “ST”.  ST injected life into the Palladium and every single person in the place was having a crazy good time.  I haven’t see this much ferocity and fun in a live ST-DeanPleasants-10performance since the 1990’s.


  • You Can’t Bring Me Down
  • Freedumb
  •  War Inside My Head
  •  Subliminal
  •  Possessed to Skate
  •  I Saw Your Mommy
  •  Cyco Vision
  •  Pledge Your Allegiance




I know these days the cool thing to do is to criticize any new material that a band comes out with and say things like “I only like old Slayer”.  You have no idea how many times I got that response when I tweeted out that the band started the set with a couple of songs from World Painted Blood.  I’m sorry but this is ridiculous.  People need to stop being so pretentious and actually start listening to newer music from classic bands, especially in the case of Slayer.  To me albums like God Hates Us All, Christ Illusion and the aforementioned World Painted Blood are among their best works.  Don’t get me wrong.  I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s as a Slayer fan and I love all of their early albums but the above records offer improved songwriting, production and musicianship.  Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the show.

This time around Bill (my Metal Descent co-creator) was unable to attend the concert with me but his curiosity caused him to text me about Slayer’s set.  Like me he wanted to know how the band sounded without the chops of Dave Lombardo and the creative genius of the late Jeff Hanneman.  Now I have seen Slayer a number of times.  Some with the full original lineup and some with Paul Bostaph on drums. I can tell you with absolute certainty that this is the best they have ever sounded at any live show I have attended.  The guitar work from Kerry King and Gary Holt was both crisp and lightning fast. Say what you will about King’s ego or any of the controversial comments he has made over the years but the man is a monster on the stage. Tom Araya hit all of his vocals with perfection and Bostaph was excellent as always.  I am a huge Hanneman fan and I usually gravitate the most to the songs he had a hand in writing. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what a new album sounds like from this particular lineup but damn are they awesome live.  The songs sounded so close to the original recordings that it was almost scary.


The blazing set kicked off with “World Painted Blood” and “Hate Worldwide” with the classic “Postmortem” sandwiched in between. From here, Slayer dove into standards like “War Ensemble”, “Mandatory Suicide”, “Hell Awaits”, and “Dead Skin Mask” before concluding with “South of Heaven” and “Angel of Death”.  All in all, Slayer tore through twenty-one of their very best tracks. For those of you that are worried about the loss of Hanneman, you can take solace in the fact that Slayer continues to be one of the best live metal acts around.  Only time will tell if any of their upcoming albums will follow suit but for now, make sure you get out to see Slayer live if the opportunity arises.


  • World Painted Blood
  • Postmortem
  • Hate Worldwide
  • Die by the Sword
  • Chemical Warfare
  • War Ensemble
  • Mandatory Suicide
  • Exodus-GaryHolt-7Necrophiliac
  • Spill the Blood
  • Hell Awaits
  • At Dawn They Sleep
  • Altar of Sacrifice
  • Jesus Saves
  • Disciple
  • Seasons in the Abyss
  • Snuff
  • Slayer-PaulBostaph-2Dead Skin Mask
  • Raining Blood
  • Psychopathy Red
  • South of Heaven
  • Angel of Death




Did you get the chance to catch this tour?  Where did you see it?  What were your favorite performances?  If you haven’t bought tickets yet, will you do so after reading this review?  Let us know in the comments section.


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