Heavy Metal News Week In Review: 11/21/14

by Mike Lawrence on November 20, 2014


Jeff Loomis – Photo Credit: Stephanie Cabral

ARCH ENEMY Parts Ways With Guitarist, Nick Cordle And Welcomes Jeff Loomis To The Lineup

In the out of left field category of news comes this tidbit from Arch Enemy.  They have parted ways with guitarist Nick Cordle in the midst of their North American tour.  This is crazy because we just saw Cordle with the band a few weeks ago at the show in Worcester (REVIEW).  He will be replaced permanently by ex-Nevermore guitarist, Jeff Loomis, beginning on the band’s European tour.  Former guitarist,  Christopher Amott will help the band complete the North American dates.  Here is a statement from founding member Michael Amott:

“We all wish Nick the very best in his new endeavors and we are sure that you will hear much more from him. We’re also super grateful to my brother Christopher for stepping in to finish the current American tour! The prospect of working with Jeff Loomis moving forward is truly awesome! Jeff Loomis is one of the best guitar players in the metal world in my opinion, as well as being a long time friend. I look forward to tearing it up on stages around the world together as we continue on the ‘War Eternal’ touring cycle throughout all next year and beyond!”

Loomis also let his excitement be known:

“I’m very excited to be playing with ARCH ENEMY. Michael Amott and I have stayed in contact over the years since we toured together when I was playing in NEVERMORE. Not only do I admire his guitar playing and songwriting, but I also consider him a close friend. To be able to share the stage with Michael, Sharlee, Daniel and Alissa is something I’m really looking forward to. 2015 is going to be a great year… See you all on tour!”


With all the album’s that come out in a given year, we couldn’t possibly review every single one of them but sometimes we get a chance to go back a listen to some that we missed earlier in the year.  Here are a couple of excellent 2014 records that I got a chance to check out briefly this past week:

FALCONER Black Moon Rising
Back in June, Falconer released their eighth studio album, Black Moon Rising.  Once again, the album features their unique brand of folk infused power metal.  Only this time, we get what may  be their most well written and executed album to date.  It is full of great lead guitars, epic style lyrics and catchy, arm swinging arrangements.  Falconer has truly outdone themselves this time around.

Rating 4.3/5

ENABLER – La Fin Absolue Du Monde
Since its releases earlier this year, Enabler’s latest album has received a heavy amount of praise in metal circles and rightfully so.  With La Fin Absolue Du Monde, the band brings a crazy mix of metal, hardcore and crust punk that methodically picks apart your eardrum until every last bit is embedded in your brain.  If you love hardcore influenced sludge metal in the vein of Eyehategod, make sure to check out Enabler.

Rating: 4.1/5


  • Ensiferum has announced the title and release date for their upcoming new album.  One Man Army is complete and due to be released on February 24, 2015.
  • Machine Head released Robb Flynn’s official track by track commentary of their new album, Bloodstone & Diamonds (REVIEW), which you can check out here: http://open.spotify.com/user/machineheadofficial/playlist/3vRdtsl4HG0MlxsByfekdA.  The album also debuted at #21 on the Billboard Top 200.
  • Italian metal queen Cadaveria has also released a track by track commentary of her latest album, Silence. Watch it here: youtu.be/JRq9jC4Zk_c
  • Check out the album teaser for Sylosis’ upcoming new record, Dormant Heart.  The album is due out January 13, 2014: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=753470118022225 
  • Enslaved has released part five of Diary of Madmen.  The write ups chronicle the band’s studio time as they work on their next album due out sometime in 2015.  Here is the excerpt:

“Sunday in Bergen means slight hangovers and double-parked Catholics (breaking a few laws to stop by and get forgiveness for last week’s broken laws is okay), but neither of these annoying phenomena can stop this show,” declares ENSLAVED guitarist & composer Ivar Bjørnson. “I and good old Icy Dale are super-happy with the guitar sound thus far. The Peavey 6505 + classic set-ups are the usual suspects, but it is the first time I am using my new custom built Futhark guitar… and it is making all the difference! It is simply crushing – like the guy with his head in the vice once said.”

ENSLAVED guitarist Arve “Ice Dale” Isdal adds: “Our new album will continue where RIITIIR left off. It is extreme, progressive, and brutal. To me it sounds darker and heavier than before. I am sure that when we lay down all our crazy shit on the album, it will blow your minds!”


CLOUDKICKER Stream Full Album Live With Intronaut

The amazing Ben Sharp, known as Cloudkicker, is streaming his new album, Live With Intronaut, in full.  For those of you who have not heard of Sharp, he is quickly making a name for himself as he writes, records and mixes all of his own instrumental metal albums.  He recently toured with Intronaut and the band played full live versions of some of his songs.

RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR’s Entire Debut Album Available For Streaming

There is a lot of buzz around this band right now as their debut album has received high praise from the likes of Mille Petrozza (Kreator), Billy Graziadei (Biohazard) and Roger Miret (Agnostic Front).  We have heard the full album and can tell you that if you like aggressive, 1990’s style hardcore and crossover thrash, you will absolutely love Welcame.  We have an interview coming with the band later next week.  Make sure you check it out.

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