Music Review: Annabell Leigh

by Mike Lawrence on February 21, 2013


The five songs that Annabell Leigh currently offers on their Facebook and Reverb Nation pages, along with their live material on YouTube are out of this world.  We only hope that the world of metalcore and heavy metal as a whole begin to take notice of this sound because it is like nothing you have ever heard.

The overlying sound is definitely metalcore, but this is not the formulaic metalcore of current All That Remains and Bullet For My Valentine that the masses have come to know.  This is raw, heavy, and well written metal music that does not follow anyone’s formula but their own.  The band makes use of 3 vocalists giving them unbelievably melodic harmonies that metal fans will not hear anywhere else.  The typical hardcore scream typically used by metalcore bands is absent in favor of death metal growls.  The guitar sound is also more harmonized than typical metalcore which brings in shades of NWOBHM and melodic death metal into the fold.

While all the material is second to none, the best tracks are “Eternal Whispers” and “Becoming”.  Both tracks have a great mix of vocal and musical brutality, great dual harmonized guitars, and perfect melodic choruses.  The lyrics and feel of each track also help to make them the best of the bunch.  “Eternal Whispers” deals with Chino’s (guitar) return home from combat and having no one to rely on except himself.  You can really feel the anger, aggression, and despair in the music.  “Becoming” was the first song the band wrote together when they were still deciding on their sound.  This is what makes it great because it literally brings together influences from many different categories of heavy metal into one great and inspiring track.  We wish that more metal bands would realize that they don’t have to stick with just one or two sounds.

The world of heavy metal should stand up and take notice of Annabell Leigh’s material.  The band shows everyone that you can follow your own path and do not have to stick with the formulaic sound of one or two metal categories.  We can only hope that experimentation and variation will start to take hold in mainstream heavy metal and Annabell Leigh may just be the guys to make this happen.

Rating: 4.5/5


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