Music Video Roundup: New Songs From Arch Enemy, Septicflesh And More

by Mike Lawrence on May 31, 2014


We have lots of new videos to show you this week including the second single from the much anticipated new album War Eternal from Arch Enemy.  There is also the final collaboration video from the 2014 Within Temptation album Hydra.  This time we finally get the video for the track featuring rapper Xzibit.  What year is this, 2001?  We also have another track from the new Septicflesh album which is shaking out to be great and the first song released from the upcoming new Goatwhore album.  Up and coming bands with new songs include Definitely A First, Ransom Call, Fucking Invincible and The Great Sabatini.  Check out all of this week’s new song releases below:

Arch Enemy’s “You Will Know My Name” from the upcoming album War Eternal due out June 10th
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Within Tempatation Featuring Xzibit “And We Run” from the 2014 album Hydra.
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Septicflesh with “Prototype” from the upcoming album Titan due out June 24th.
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Goatwhore’s new song “FBS” from the upcoming album Constricting Rage of the Merciless (Click for Review) due out July 8th.
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“Lungrunner”, another track from the upcoming new album Blissfucker by Trap Them due out June 10th.
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“Blood Red” from the new Entrails album Resurrected From The Grave, a compilation of old demo tracks due out July 22nd.

Former Arch Enemy guitarist Christopher Amott resurrects his band Armageddon with the track “Captivity & Devourment”. The new album has yet to receive a release date.

Entombed A.D. (The Lars Goran Petrov incarnation of the Swedish death metal band Entombed) with their new song “Bedlam Attack” from the album Back To The Front due out August 5th.

New song “Where the World Ends from deathcore band Betraying The Martyrs. Their new album Phantom is set to be released on July 15th.

New song “Sapphire” from atmospheric metal band Fallujah from the album The Flesh Prevails due out July 22nd.

Amberian Dawn “Magic Forest” from the album of the same name due out July 8th
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Wolves In The Throne Room with “Celestite Mirror” from the Instrumental album Celestite due out July 8th.

Up And Coming Bands:

“Guest of Honour” by The Great Sabatini from the album Dog Years to be released on June 3rd.
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“Ape As Man/Man As Ape” from Rhode Island’s own Fucking Invincible. The song is from their Atomic Action! Records debut It’ll Get Worse Before It Gets Better due out in July.

Post-hardcore band Definitely A First with their new song “Colorblind” from the Imminence Records reissue of the album Colorblind due out June 17th.

Shock Rockers Ransom Call with “Cemetary Queen” from their debut demo Creatures On The Loose available now right here:

New song “Call Off the War from Metalsteel off their 2014 album This Is Your Revelation.
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