Pig Destroyer

photo is public domainPig Destroyer is a grindcore band from Richmond Virginia formed in 1997 by J.R. Hayes (vocals),  Scott Hull (guitars) and John Evans (drums).  Their name references the slang term for police officers.  They are known for not only incorporating death metal elements into their music, but also for doing a more art house, creative style of grindcore influenced by the ambient form of sludge metal from the Melvins.  Their musical approach makes for a what many call a more enjoyable and listenable form of grindcore.

The band released their debut album, Explosions in Ward 6, in 1998.  The attention that the band began to garner earned them a record deal with Relapse Records in 2000.  Brian Harvey replaced John Evans on drums in early 2001 and the band released their first album with Relapse called Prowler In The Yard.  It was a relative commercial success getting great reviews from many different metal publications and websites.  This was one of the first times that a grindcore album reached the outskirts of the mainstream.

Their next album Terrifyer was released in 2004 and showed major growth from the band.  The musicianship was cleaner and more complicated than typical grindcore and the lyrics were written in the form of prose.  Pig Destroyer would continue this artsier trend on subsequent releases Phantom Limb (2007) and their best reviewed album to date Book Burner (2012).   Blake Harrison was added to the band in 2006 prior to the recording of Phantom Limb to give the band the added element of  atmospheric electronic sounds.  In 2011 drummer Brian Harvery was replaced by current Misery Index member Adam Jarvis.

Pig Destroyer has become one of the most sought after acts to headline extreme metal shows and festivals across the world.  The band released an EP in 2013 with extra material from Phantom Limb and they continue to tour heavily in support of all of their music.


  • Explosions in Ward 6 (1998)
  • Prowler in the Yard (2001)
  • Terrifyer (2004)
  • Phantom Limb (2007)
  • Book Burner (2012)

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