Progressive Rock


Progressive rock was created in the 1970’s and mixed traditional rock music with strange time signatures, new sounds, jazz fusion, and varying vocal styles.  Progressive rock elements are used today in progressive metal, power metal, death metal and mathcore.

Bands include Genesis, YES, and Rush

Ambient Music

This genre was created in the 1970’s in England and experimented with synthesizer sounds.  This would become a huge influence for industrial metal, atmospheric metal, black metal, avant-garde metal and power metal.

Artists include Kraftwerk and David Bowie

Drone Music

David Bowie

Drone music makes use of long notes, repeated sounds or notes, and lengthy and harmonic song structures.  The sounds began in ethnic and spiritual music before being experimented with by rock bands in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Drone music influenced doom metal, drone metal, atmospheric metal, and industrial metal.

Artists include The Velvet Underground, Ravi Shankar, Faust, and The Beatles (experimental 1960’s and 1970’s albums)


Industrial Music

Industrial music mixes progressive rock with the aggressiveness and social themes of punk and the electronic sounds of ambient music.  This was the main precursor to industrial metal
Artists include SPK and Cabaret Voltaire

Industrial Dance Music

This category combines electronic dance music with industrial rock.  KMFDM and Ministry would emerge from this genre to be the creators of industrial metal.



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