Psychedelic Rock/Acid Rock

Jim Morrison of The Doors

Psychedelic rock brought more experimentation in the form of wammy guitar, organs and other atmospheric instruments to rock music along with a heavier down tuned sound.  It also brought lyrics dealing with more gothic themes.  This sound would be the main influence to the creation of doom metal, sludge metal and gothic rock and metal.  It also had major influence on avant-garde metal, post-hardcore, and progressive metal.

Bands include The Doors, Pink Floyd, Blue Cheer, and Jimi Hendrix

Gothic Rock

Gothic rock took the themes and vocal styles of psychedelic rock and added elements of hard rock and funeral music to create a dark atmosphere.  It’s biggest influence can be seen in gothic metal, death/doom metal, funeral doom, and symphonic black metal.

Artists include The Cure, The Cult, and Bauhaus

Robert Smith of The Cure

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