REVOCATION Deathless: Album Review

by I.O. Kirkwood on October 11, 2014


This is REVOCATION’s first album with Metal Blade Records and their fifth release total. In their self-titled and Chaos of Forms albums, they had hit a stride where there was a consistency to their compositions and sound that could have worked against them if they had succumbed to habit on this new release. Lucky for them, they pushed past their comfort zone yet managed to hold onto their core elements.

The guitar solos are beautiful, sweeping creations that ride the waves of catchy guitar riffs. The drumming provides technical and interesting time changes and the thick bass is the perfect counterpoint to the guitar. The vocals, both clean and harsh,  add to the mood of each song. My only complaint is that the vocals sound a bit over-processed though most listeners won’t care. There’s too much interesting stuff going on.

_MG_0209Songs that break the mold are “Madness Opus,” “The Blackest Reaches,” and “United in Helotry.” REVOCATION’s previous efforts were often fast, technical, and catchy with interesting and relevant changes in time signatures. There are plenty of tracks that hold true to this, but the aforementioned “odd-balls” have slower, chunkier tempos without sacrificing the interest or technicality. They are also auspiciously placed in the middle of the record spaced between the faster songs. Placement like this can backfire and fuck over the momentum of an album, and I am glad that did not happen here.

At this point, my favorite song is the title track. I enjoy the breakneck tempo, the guitar riffs, and the lyrics. There is an anthem quality to “Deathless” that appeals to me. Other favorites are: “Scorched Earth Policy” and “Apex.” These three songs represent the range of REVOCATION from their intricate speed to their ability to switch into a heavier, slower mode to the most melodic I’ve ever heard them (and an instrumental too!).

My pre-order copy with a Deathless tee-shirt has already shipped, according to Metal Blade. The postal worker is now slightly frightened of me as I wait for the goods to arrive. Deathless will drop on Tuesday, October 14th via Metal Blade Records.  Order your copy HERE. (genre: technical death metal)

?????????????Deathless track listing:
01 A Debt Owed to the Grave
02 Deathless
03 Labyrinth of Eyes
04 Madness Opus
05 Scorched Earth Policy
06 The Blackest Reaches
07 The Fix
08 United in Helotry
09 Apex
10 Witch Trials


Rating:  4.5/5.0

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