Sounds From The Heavy Metal Underground – 07/21/14

by I.O. Kirkwood on July 22, 2014

Brimstone CovenHere are the 8 underground heavy metal picks for this week.

I.O.’s Pick of the Week

BRIMSTONE COVEN | Self Titled (Metal Blade Records)

If you’re an old-school heavy metal, psychedelic funk aficionado then BRIMSTONE COVEN is going to stroke your sweet spot. Rumblings of Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Led Zeppelin an Pink Floyd with a reverb of Chic , I’m left thinking “may I have some more, please?” “The Grave” is provided for your listening pleasure but when the album drops on August 5th via Metal Blade records, you will crave another serving. Genre: heavy metal


MARTYRDÖD | ELDDOP (Southern Lord Recordings)

martyrdodThe arrangements are sleek on ELDDOP. I couldn’t find an ounce of fat on this 14-track offering. With a lineup including members of Agrimonia, Miasmal, Skitsystem and more within its ranks, MARTYRDÖD has become a major force in the Swedish crust circuit through the years. Don’t let the crust label scare you off though. There are elements of melodic death metal and speed metal too.  “Martyren” and “Victoria” are tracks that come to mind. Their fifth studio LP drops today via Southern Lord Recordings. Listen HERE. Genre: crust/death metal


ALMOST HUMAN | Ø (independent)

Almost HumanThis album throws me back into my early twenties when Nine Inch Nails toured with Pretty Little Hate Machine. I love that album and ALMOST HUMAN offers a sleeker, distilled version of all the hate and rage of that classic on Ø. This is in no way a knock-off or regurgitation. From the alternative-flavored “Obey, Consume, or Disappear” to the Danny Elfman-like intro of “Each of Us,” their sound is a collection of influences that are “shaken not stirred.”  “Normosis” is provided for your listening pleasure. Give us your feedback and include ALMOST HUMAN in your response. Genre: Industrial Melodic Death Metal


SKULL KORAPTOR| Dead Ahead (independent)

For those of you with old-school thrash leanings, SKULL KORAPTER has captured the sound on DEAD AHEAD. This is a rollicking homage to all that is great about the genre. “Anger Comes From You” is the perfect example. Genre: thrash metal


VARIOUS | 3 Bands, No Van (Dullest Records)

I love it when I can kill three bands with one stone. BURN EVERYTHING is the most literal band name these guys could give themselves. GRAVEN is post-hardcore with death metal elements. RECKONER is hardcore with psychedelic and experimental elements. They got together and threw two of their best songs each on this compilation. Two words: brutal goodness. This is local scene networking at its best. Genre: post-hardcore


ARS MORIENDI | La Singuliere noirceur d’un aster (Archaic Sound)

Melodic, atmospheric, and ritualistic, I enjoyed this 5-track offering. The French collective adds a plethora of musical influences that are blended seamlessly with the hallmarks of black metal. The lyrics are sung in lyrical French, which gives it a haunting effect. Genre: atmospheric black metal

NECROPOLI| I (Transcending Obscurity)

This band knows how to create an atmosphere. Industrial touches are found throughout the atmospheric intros while tempo changes from slow dirge to panicked hammering on the coffin lid (from the inside of course) prevent the listener from falling into a depressed coma. Genre: doom metal

BALANCE OF TERROR | Hunters of Men (split with STRIDER, OBEDIENCE TO DICTATOR, independent)

Hunters of MenWith only two songs, BALANCE OF TERROR won out over a few other bands with full-length albums. The aural canals bleed from the thickness of the sound. The growls and grunts are guttural and satisfying. Keep an eye on this outfit. Genre: death metal

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