Sounds From The Heavy Metal Underground: 10/13/14

by I.O. Kirkwood on October 14, 2014

Hideous DivinityI.O.’S PICK OF THE WEEK

HIDEOUS DIVINITY Cobra Verde (Unique Leader Records)

HDThe album cover art gives you a sneak peak at the technical brutality of the death metal within. The tracks have hypnotic guitar riffs. The harsh vocals have depth and range. In fact, I would hazard that this Italian outfit knows a thing or two about snake-charming. The album is set to drop on October 28th via Unique Leader Records.


TOOTHGRINDER Schizophrenic Jubilee (Spinefarm Records)

ToothgrinderHarsh, progressive and melodic, TOOTHGRINDER impressed me with sterling production and tight yet unique compositions. Schizophrenic Jubilee is their third release due out November 4th and the first with Spinefarm Records. The video below from their sophomore release Vibration/Colour/Frequency gives you a taste of their awesomeness.


SAHHR Self-Titled (Domestic Genocide Records)

SAHHRSAHHR brings us black metal from veterans of the NYC punk and metal scenes from the 80’s. The3-track EP is kick ass and the teaser video below gives you a glimpse of the brutality. The EP will drop on October 31st via Domestic Genocide Records.


WOODSCREAM Octastorium  (independent)

WOODSCREAM’s Russian folk metal is sung by a lovely female voice in their native tongue. Fiddles ride over the catchy guitar riffs in “Alan.”  They also follow the tremolo picking in “Lesnoy tsar.”  The songs will make you want to get out your tambourine and tap your feet.


NERO DI MARTE Derivae (Prosthetic Records)

I almost overlooked this album based on the first track “L’Eclisse.” It sounded like a TYPE O NEGATIVE knock-off but I skipped to track six, “Il Diluvio,” and was drawn into the dark, atmospheric sound overlain with gravelly screams. Turns out the first track wasn’t the norm and it could be your favorite – or not. The album drops on October 28th via Prosthetic Records.


ANNIHILATED XIII Steps To Ruination (Unique Leader Records)

AnnihilationANNIHILATED ‘s death metal stabs into the heart of the Sheeple mentality with a sharp, gleaming wake up call.  Current and former members of ABYSMAL DAWN, GROTESQUE, EXCRETION, and ARKAIK contributed to this bleeding brutality set to release on October 28th via Unique Leader Records.


EMETH Athyr (Xtreem Music)

EMETH is extreme death metal: fast, relentless, and with a progressive edge. The guitars trill between brutal riffs and there are experimental passages that create a dissonance that appeals. Have a listen.


NORSE Pest (Transcending Obscurity)

I didn’t think I’d like DISSONANT black metal, but the vocalist’s timbre is perfectly sinister and the music, though off-kilter, is melodic. “Disarmed, Toothless, and Weak” is the perfect example of NORSE’s sound. Have a listen.


METAL DESCENT’S Battle of the Bands – Round II

memeWe are now on Round II of the Heavy Metal Underground Battle of the Bands. Readers are encouraged to listen to the six I.O.’s Pick of the Week and vote for their favorite. Voting will close on October 21st at 06:44:59. As each set of I.O’s Picks are voted, the bands that garner the highest ratings will be featured in a Top Ten post of underground bands to watch in 2015. Keep in mind that labels, promoters, and other music industry professionals are taking note of our weekly Tuesday article. Vote HERE.

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