Sounds From The Heavy Metal Underground: 11/24/14

by I.O. Kirkwood on November 25, 2014


ATRIARCH | courtesy of Facebook page


ATRIARCH An Undending Pathway (Relapse Records)

Imagine post-punk fused with sludge metal wrapped up tight in a psychedelic blackened bow and you’ve got ATRIARCH. Spooky, creepy, and decadently filthy, An Undending Pathway is a sonic trip into some twisted corners of the soul.

Our aim is to tear a hole in the veil that blinds us from our true selves—ATRIARCH



COLD SNAP World War 3 (Eclipse Records)

COLD SNAP has created their own sound but the rage of GODSMACK and DISTURBED, the rap of KORN and LIMP BIZKIT, bleed through. The riffs are heavier and chunkier than alternative metal but the drums give it a hard rock feel. Have a listen to “Rise Again” and when the album drops on January 13, 2014 via Eclipse Records, you’ll also want to check out “Straight to Hell” and  my especial favorite, “Silent Killer.”


DISSENTIENCE Demo 2014 (Independent)

I’ve seen DISSENTIENCE live (see Metal Descent’s review HERE) so I was excited to see their demo among this week’s offerings. Crossover thrash best describes the sound of this demo, which surprised me because I detected blackened metal influences in the live set.  You can hear a shadow of the sinister guitar tone that made them stand out for me. The live sound is meatier and meaner and I was hoping they’d capture this on a recording, but nevertheless, a noteworthy first demo.  “Reckoning Day,”  “Slipping,” and “The Fallen” are personal favorites.


EINHERJER Av Oss, For Oss (Indie Recordings)

For the devoted skraelings, EINHERJER has released its sixth Viking metal journey. Written in their native tongue, the vocals are an ominous growl over bare bones heavy metal riffs reminiscent of early JUDAS PRIEST. “Nord og Ner” sonically encapsulates the album.


MALPHAS The Conjuring (Independent)

“Shards of Truth” is the only song I’ve heard, but I’m intrigued. MALPHAS is the second band in two weeks that has caught my attention first with a name from the Goetia of Solomon. What intrigues me is the blend of blackened death metal with progressive elements. The word “gloaming” comes to mind, not quite full dark but the sun has slipped into the watery depths. The harmonics are like sputtering strikes of matches as night falls. The album is scheduled for an early 2015 release. Have a listen:


METAL DESCENT’S Battle of the Bands – Round III

JokerWe are now on Round III of the Heavy Metal Underground Battle of the Bands. Readers are encouraged to listen to the six I.O.’s Pick of the Week and vote for their favorite. Voting will close on November 26th at 06:44:59. As each set of I.O’s Picks are voted, the bands that garner the highest ratings will be featured in a Top Ten post of underground bands to watch in 2015. Keep in mind that labels, promoters, and other music industry professionals are taking note of our weekly Tuesday article. Vote HERE.

Submissions from bands are accepted HERE

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