Sounds From The Heavy Metal Underground: 12/08/14

by I.O. Kirkwood on December 9, 2014

child bite



I had a taste for hardcore and punk this week so I’m giving you two picks because both bands released fan-fucking-tabulous albums.

CHILD BITE Strange Waste (Housecore Records)

When I recognized “Buzz” Osbourne (THE MELVINS) in the video for “Ancestral Ooze” I was completely charmed by this goofy,  punk-noise-metal band. I was mostly there from the insane guitar riffs and the entreaty to “choose the ooze or loose the ooze,” but “Buzz”s presence gave it that extra little street cred that told me here’s a band to watch. CHILD BITE is fun, aggressive, and over the fucking top. You will wiggle in your seat and go spastic in the mosh pit to these guys. “Molestation of the Arts” made me giddy. Dissonant, melodic, and a Mulligan Stew of crazy influences, you can hear the whole wicked album HERE.


UNSACRED False Light (Forcefield Records)

Trippy time changes, buzzing black metal guitars, and the frenzy of hardcore infuse UNSACRED’s  7-track album. “False Light” burrows into your ears while “Idle” takes a sludgier approach without losing any sonic penetration. “Plague” begins drone like and then takes a running kick at your noggin’ with blast beats and incensed screams only to flatten you with a moments of groove.  You can get a taste of what you’ll get on the album that releases today on Forcefield Records:

The production on the new album is crisper and there is a deeper feel to the tracks.



BARING TEETH Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins (Willowtip)

It’s always comforting when my metal guru’s Facebook picture pops up on a band’s page. He has cultishly impeccable taste in metal. “An Illusion of Multiple Voices” is the tech-death sonic equivalent of “An Illusion of Multiple Orgasms.” I normally wouldn’t tolerate such teasing, but the track is masterfully crafted keeping you just on the edge until you’re thrown into “Mountain,” a track of dissonant bliss. Jarring blast beats drive the message home and are repeated with melodic disconnect by the guitar in the following track “Visitant.”  Continuity is maintained until the middle of the album, where we hit a “recovery” period of slow, mistimed throbbing with “Terra Nullis.” It’s a brilliantly put together album, classically tech-death yet rife with experimental devices.


HUMILIATION Battalion (Deepsend Records)

“The Killing Campaign” kicks ass. I love the guitar in this track. The rest of the album delivers body-pummeling death metal that has a profound guitar-centric groove to it. I was bobbing in my seat and then “Liberated Area” delivered a suh-weet time change. The whole album is like this so have a listen.


IN TORMENT Sphere of Metaphysical Incantations (Independent)

IN TORMENT creates death metal with a technical, experimental flavor that blends nicely with insane tremolo picking, guttural growls, and rabid percussion. “The Unnatural Conception”  is my favorite while “Into Abyssal Landscapes” is no slouch either as it delivers classic death metal.


LOTUS EFFECT Totality (Independent)

LOTUS EFFECT’s alternative metal with a progressive twist pleases my quirkier musical tastes. They are unusual, weird, and yes, they play on the edge of discomfort but melodically so. Too interesting to be ignored, I’d like to hear the vocalist develop the power of his voice, sweet yet with a darkness to it that promises something more if he’d only ‘trust in the Force.’


NEVERWORLD Visions of Another World (Dream Demon Recordings)

Delicious, skin-tingling power metal is what NEVERWORLD DELIVERS. I was completely taken by “Blood and Romance” with the soaring female vocals. This is how power ballads should be. The heavier songs are guitar driven with melodic, atmospheric keyboards that complement rather than overwhelm. The vocalist delivers skin-tingling, signature screams , even live as you’ll see below in “The Wheel of Misfortune.”


PRIMORDIAL Where Greater Men Have Fallen (Metal Blade Records)

One of the genres Metal Blade seems to capture best in their artist line ups is blackened folk metal.  PRIMORDIAL tells tales of fatalism in theatrical metal style. The sound is bare bones without sacrificing the blackened grittiness or the folk music underpinnings. Listen to the awesomeness of “Where Greater Men Have Fallen” but I must say that “Ghosts of the Charnel House” is my favorite.


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