Sounds From The Heavy Metal Underground – Week of 07/28/14

by I.O. Kirkwood on July 29, 2014


I.O.’s Pick of the Week:

MERKABAH | UBIQUITY (Maple Metal Records)

They tried to compare MERKABAH to WITHIN TEMPTATION, but there is no comparison. Jacinthe Poulin has a beautiful, throaty voice suited to power metal and the arrangements supporting the vocals have a heavy, gothic sound. Poulin’s voice cannot be overpowered. “Mythomania” is goose-flesh inspiring. (genre: power metal)


HOD | BOOK OF THE WORM (Arctic Music)

HODMalicious with an assortment of revolting, HOD has served up a gruesome trolley of horrors. Songs of particular fiendishness are “I Am Destroyer,”  “Beneath the Mountains of the Scorpion,” and “When the Ghouls Feed.” This is an early, early thumbs-up for the album set to drop on September 9th via Arctic Records. Have a listen HERE. (genre: blackened death metal)


LILLYÈ | LILLYE (indepenent)

Think the catchy riffs of hair metal, the vocals of Melissa Etheridge with a power metal clarity, and add a heavy alternative metal veneer and you’ve got LILLYÈ.  The only song I didn’t enjoy was “Mistakes.” I didn’t care for the chord progression.  Everything else is funky and accessible with a dangerous edge of odd. (genre: alternative metal)


KEEPER | MMXIV (independent)

This is so heavy it sounds like the reverb of an explosion into the pits of Hell. Live shows are probably like standing on the lip of said Hell and peering down. MMXIV plods, much like this year, with an inexorable and inevitable desire to meet its maker. Out of the blue, it swings and stomps like a demonic gospel choir. So if you’re in the mood for some doom, this delivers with a side of apocalypse. (genre: doom metal)



For those of you with a more classical bent, I present to you a metal opera in Rejected Gods. Only ENEMY OF REALITY isn’t Vikings but the descendents of the Greek masters of tragedy. The entire album has an epic feel with Iliana Tsakiraki’s lilting soprano weaving through orchestral keyboards and relentless percussion.  The ballad “Step Into the Light” is absolutely lovely.  (genre: symphonic power metal)



If you like bluesy punk with sludgy guitars and psychedelic components, this is an album you must check out.  SOS brings that garage rock feel, pared down to the bone, without sacrificing riffage or groove. At first I was put off by Mike SOS’s vocals, but moving from Bob Dylan sing-song to Black Francis shrieking with a good dose of growl and witty commentary, I was won over. I like a vocalist who embraces what genetics has given him. The album drops today through SOS’s independent label 316 Productions. (genre: sludge core)


XII BOAR| TRUCK STOP BABY – 7″ (indepenent)

Seems this is a week of slow grooves and tasty blues. Fortunately, I’m in the mood and imagine XII Boar (haha 12-bore, cute) have a tight, live set that you could have a few beers by and maybe some chicken fingers. It’s only two songs, but if you like it, check out the band on Facebook. (genre: root heavy metal)



For those of you with a Jazz bent to the mind, have a look at TRIOSCAPES. The title track is insane, just like a dream and will send you on a psychedelic fusion trip that made my head spin. This kind of music isn’t for everyone. It is complex, layered and requires a discerning ear. But underneath all the weaving sounds is a solid weft of classical jazz structure. Digital Dream Sequence is set to drop on August 19th via Metal Blade Records. (genre: progressive)


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Daves Couture July 31, 2014 at 8:56 am

For the Pick of the week:

New album out in june by Metal Maple Records
Called Under the Sign of the Alliance.

Hope you’ll like it, here’s two streamings :


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