The Black Dahlia Murder

the_black_dahlia_murder_band_bioThe Black Dahlia murder is a band from Waterford, Michigan that combines deathcore, melodic death metal and classic death metal elements.  The band was formed in 2000 by Trevor Strnad (vocals), Brian Eschbach (guitar), Mike Schepman (bass), John Deering (guitar) and Cory Grady (drums).  They decided to name themselves after the unsolved murder of actress Elizabeth Short know as “The Black Dahlia”. The band released a demo in 2001 and an EP in 2002. During this time, Mike Schepman was replaced on bass by David Lock and John Kempainen took over on lead guitar after the departure of John Deering. The band would sign a major label deal with Metal Blade Records in 2003.

Soon after signing, the band released their debut album, Unhallowed.  The album contained a unique mix of brutal low death growls and high pitched shrieks, tight melodic riffs, blast beats, breakdowns and technically perfect solos.  In 2004, while on tour in support of the record, sound engineer Ryan Williams replaced David Lock on bass.  After the tour, he joined the band on a full time basis as they began recording their second record.   Prior to the recording of the album, Zach Gibson took over on drums.

Miasma was released in 2005 to strong critical praise.  Gibson soon left the band and was replaced by drummer Pierre Langlois in 2006.  Shannon Lucas of All That Remains would then join on drums for the recording of their next album, Nocturnal, in 2007.  The album once again received mostly rave reviews.

Trevor_Strnad_BDMIn what had become a high turnover band, long time guitarist John Kempainen left the band in 2009 and was replaced by current member Ryan Knight.  The band then released their fourth album Deflorate.  The album met with mixed reviews as the band moved slightly away from their signature mixed genre sound to a more classic death metal sound.

Ritual was released in 2011 and garnered more positive reviews for the band.  While touring for the album, Shannon Lucas and Ryan Williams departed and were replaced by current members Alan Cassidy and Max Lavalle.  This lineup would record the band’s most critically acclaimed album since their debut.

In June of 2013, Everblack, was released and received tons of attention.  The album hearkened back to the days of Unhallowed with the great mix of deathcore, melodic death metal, even more classic death metal elements than before along with the addition of slight black metal sounds.  The band continues to tour furiously and has become one of the most popular acts on Metal Blade’s roster.


  • Unhallowed (2003)
  • Miasma (2005)
  • Nocturnal (2007)
  • Deflorate (2009)
  • Ritual (2011)
  • Everblack (2013)

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