The British Invasion

The British Invasion brought a bit of an edge to traditional blues rock with some bands eventually trying to outdo each other in regard to musical sound levels.  This music was another influence in the birth of root heavy metal.  George Harrison of the Beatles was one of the first guitarists to experiment with “weepy” sounds helping give birth to high pitched metal guitar solos.

In the late 1960’s many of these bands also brought about an experimental element to rock music helping to influence the creation of progressive rock, ambient music, and avant-garde rock.  These genres would later become a huge influence on progressive metal, post-hardcore, atmospheric metal, and avant-garde metal.  It also contained the first appearance of the harmonized rock guitar that would be seen later predominantly in NWOBHM, melodic death metal, and melodic metalcore.  One of the biggest influences on the creation of heavy metal was the Paul McCartney penned Beatles’ song Helter Skelter with its heavy, raw and dirty guitar riff and raspy vocals.


Bands include The Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones

George Harrison of the Beatles

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