The Heavy Metal Community Reacts to the Death of Jeff Hanneman

by Mike Lawrence on May 4, 2013

Jeff-hanneman-metal-reacts-to-deathAs many of you know influential Slayer guitarist and writer, Jeff Hanneman, passed away from liver failure on May 2, 2013.  The metal community has been reacting and showing their support for the past few days through social media.  It’s amazing to see how many of these guys  were influenced by Jeff Hanneman.  There are reactions from someone in almost every subgenre of heavy metal from thrash to power metal.  Hanneman was one of the top guitarists and writers in the history of metal and everyone is certainly showing their respect.  Below are some tweets from some of metal’s elite.  Be sure to click on the Facebook link on the tweet from Machine Head frontman, Rob Flynn.  He has some great and funny stories to tell about Hanneman.  Once again we at Metal Descent would like to say RIP Jeff Hanneman.  You were one of our favorites.






















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