The Top 8 New Heavy Metal Music Videos Of The Week – 08/15/2014

by Mike Lawrence on August 15, 2014


The vast majority of new songs and videos this week come from up and coming metal bands or bands you may not have even heard of yet.  There were a ton of new songs this week and many from bigger bands but the underground trumps most of them this time around.  Hopefully many of the bands featured here will begin to make a name for themselves very soon.  For those of you looking for songs from more established bands, don’t worry.  There was are some excellent new tunes from The Acacia Strain and Accept.

#8.  Artist: Sister  Song: “Slay Yourself”  Album: Disguised Vultures (2014)  Genre: Glam/Crossover Thrash
Album available HERE

This is an interesting band to say the least.  They have a look to them that’s mixed glam/sleaze, punk rock and black metal and their music is like what it would sound like it you crossed Guns N’ Roses with Kreator.  Their current album is out now on Metal Blade Records.  Make sure to check them out.


#7.  Artist: Obey The Brave  Song: “Raise Your Voice”  Album: Salvation (Due Out 9/16)  Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore
Preorder the album HERE

We did not know much about this band before receiving this track but they have a fairly decent following. We came to find that, at least on this song, they are a solid hardcore band with a lot of metal influences.  Their next album will be released in September on Epitaph Records.


#6.  Artist: The Acacia Strain  Song: “Cauterizer”  Album: Coma Witch (Due Out 10/14)  Genre: Deathcore

If you are looking for something heavy, look no further than the first single from the upcoming seventh release from Massachusetts natives, The Acacia Strain.  As usual, this one has brutal written all over it.


#5.  Artist: Graf Orlock  Song: “A Decent Proposal in a Shitty Alley”  Album: Crime Traveller (Due Out 2014)  Genre: Grindcore
Get the 7″ HERE

Obviously from the song title, you can tell this is a grind song.  However, Graf Orlock is a bit different than your run of the mill grind band.  Their songs are actually long!  They also have some really heavy and catchy grooves mixed in.  You can grab this song now as part of the band’s album teaser 7″ called Trailer.


#4.  Artist: Tombs  Song: “Seance”  Album: Savage Gold (2014)  Genre: Extreme/Sludge Metal
Album available HERE

Savage Gold has received such critical acclaim this year, yet Tombs are still flying well below the radar. Their latest music video for the single “Seance” is excellent sludge with atmospheric and extreme metal influences.


#3.  Artist: Darkness Divided  Song: “The Hands That Bled”  Album: Written In Blood (Due Out 8/19)  Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Preorder the album HERE

Darkness Divided will release their Victory Records debut album next week.  Here we get a little taste of what we are in for and it is quite good. Yes it’s metalcore, but this is a bit of a different breed. Darkness Divided has a fair amount of old school metal and NWOBHM influence in their music helping to bring something fresh to the table.


#2.  Artist: Accept  Song: “Final Journey”  Album: Blind Rage (Due Out 8/19)  Genre: Root Metal
Preorder the album HERE

Here is the second single from Accept’s upcoming fourteenth album.  Just like the previous single, “Stampede”, the band has once again brought their A-game.  We have already checked out the new album and are in the midst of reviewing it.  We can tell you now that this may be one of the band’s best albums since the 80’s.


#1.  Artist: Crimson Shadows  Song: “Rise to Power”  Album: Kings Among Men (Due Out 9/9)  Genre: Melodic Death/Power Metal
Preorder the album HERE

Here’s an amazing new song from Crimson Shadows’ second album due out in September.  This band won the 2013 Wacken Metal Battle and is one of the most promising up and coming metal bands.  They remind us a lot of Children Of Bodom, but possibly even better.

Which one of these tracks do you like the best?  Did your favorite miss this week’s list?  Sound off in the comments section.

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