The Top 8 New Heavy Metal Music Videos Of The Week – 08/29/14

by Mike Lawrence on August 29, 2014


Wow!  What an amazing week for new music.  Our inbox was so crammed full of great new stuff that it took us forever to get through everything.  Once we thought we had the list crafted, we would get another huge influx of new songs and videos.  There were so many other songs that we wanted to include but we just didn’t have the room.  Make sure you scour YouTube for all the new metal songs and videos released recently.  You won’t be disappointed by too many of them.  One song that we really had a hard time leaving off was the latest track from doom metal newcomers Sorxe.  We have been really impressed by the songs they have released so far and are looking forward to their new album Surrounded By Shadows due out this Tuesday.  Here are the 8 best videos of the week!

Honorable Mention: Sorxe – “The Mountain Man”

#8.  Artist: Scar Symmetry  Song: “Limits to Infinity”  Album: The Singularity (Due Out 10/14)  Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Preorder the album HERE

This is more excellent melodic death metal seamlessly mixed with heavy grooves.  The Swedish metal veterans will be releasing their 6th studio album on October 14th.


#7.  Artist: Gormathon  Song: “Land of the Lost”  Album: Following The Beast (Due Out 10/7)  Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Thrash

This is outstanding melodic death metal with a ton of brutality and even some elements of thrash.  The song reminded us a lot of Carcass.  We’re definitely looking forward to the second album from Gormathon.


#6.  Artist: Words Of Farewell  Song: “Continuum Shift”  Album: The Wild Black Yonder (2014)  Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Album available HERE

Are you seeing a pattern here?  There were a lot of excellent new melodic death metal songs and videos this week that just really could not be overlooked.  Make sure to check out this excellent song and album from Words Of Farewell


#5.  Artist: For Today  Song: “Molotov”  Album: Fight The Silence (2014)  Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore 
Album available HERE

For Today provides some of the heaviest metalcore around.  The vast majority of this song will remind you of the best of old school hardcore.  We absolutely loved the vocals on this one.  “Molotov” is the third single from their latest album out now on Razor & Tie Records.


#4.  Artist: Skeletonwitch  Song: “Unending, Everliving”  Album: Serpents Unleashed (2013)  Genre: Blackened Thrash
Album Available HERE

Finally one of the best songs from Skeletonwitch’s amazing 2013 album, Serpents Unleashed, has been released as a single.  Not only is the song awesome, but the music video kicks some serious ass too.  NSFW.


#3.  Artist: HammerFall  Song: “Hector’s Hymn”  Album: (r)Evolution (Due Out 9/2)  Genre: Power Metal
Preorder the album HERE

This is one of the best tracks from the upcoming new album from power metal veterans, HammerFall.  The song, much like the album, has a great mix of power and traditional heavy metal.  You can check out our review of the album using the hyperlink above.


#2.  Artist: Obituary  Song: “Visions in My Head”  Album: Inked In Blood (Due Out 10/28)  Genre: Death Metal
Preorder the album HERE

We absolutely cannot wait for the new album from Obituary and the first single, “Visions in My Head” was the perfect tune to tide us over. The song even employs more thrash influences than you might be used to hearing from the band.


#1.  Artist: Sanctuary  Song: “Arise and Purify”  Album: The Year The Sun Died (Due Out 10/14)  Genre: Thrash/Power Metal
Preorder the album HERE

This has to be one of the most anticipated new albums of 2014.  The Year The Sun Died is the first album from the Seattle cult legends since 1989 and from the comments we have been receiving, a lot of people are excited.  The band’s first single from the new album proves that fans have a right to be pumped.

Which of these songs is your favorite?  Is there a new track or video from the past week that you feel should have made the list?  Let us know in the comments.

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Rattlehead August 31, 2014 at 1:00 pm

My fave is definitely Sanctuary!! Than the Hammerfall. But all of them are great!!


john August 31, 2014 at 6:31 pm

Sanctuary, yes!


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