The Top 8 New Heavy Metal Music Videos Of The Week – 7/11/2014

by Mike Lawrence on July 11, 2014

Photo Credit: Manuel Vargas Lepiz

Photo Credit: Manuel Vargas Lepiz

Here are our picks for the top 8 new heavy metal music videos for the week ending July 11th, 2014.  There wasn’t a ton of great material this week, but thankfully we were able to find eight excellent new videos and songs.  With a bunch of new releases coming down the pipe over the next month or so, we would have expected a lot more quality songs.   Because of the lack of solid new tracks, there will be no honorable mentions this week, only the top 8.

#8. Artist: Upon A Burning Body  Song: “Scars”  Album: The World Is My Enemy Now (Due Out 8/12)  Genre: Deathcore
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The second song from the upcoming new album from Upon A Burning Body is once more an intriguing one.  There seems to be a lot more of an industrial metal influence to these tracks, so it will be interesting to see what the new album sounds like.


#7.  Artist: Terror  Song: “Shot Of Reality”  Album: Live By The Code (2013)  Genre: Hardcore/Crossover Thrash
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Here’s a live video for the heavy and super groovy track from L.A.’s Terror off their 2013 album released on Victory Records.


#6Artist: Death Penalty  Song: “Sign of the Times”  Album: Sign Of The Times 7″  Genre: Doom Metal

This is the A-Side of the debut 7″ single from Death Penalty.  The band is the new project from former Cathedral guitarist Garry Jennings


#5.  Artist: Marty Friedman  Song: “Hyper Doom”  Album: Inferno (2014)  Genre: Neoclassical/Death/Thrash Metal
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Man Friedman’s latest album is heavier than anything we can remember him doing in the past and that is certainly a great thing.  The newest music video is for the short, yet purposeful song “Hyper Doom”.


#4.  Artist: Dark Fortress  Song: “Venereal Dawn”  Album: Venereal Dawn (Due Out 9/2)  Genre: Black Metal

Here’s the first single from the forthcoming Dark Fortress album.  This is an excellent and epic track from the German black metal veterans.  We’re definitely looking forward to September.


#3.  Artist: The Haunted  Song: “Cutting Teeth”  Album: Exit Wounds (Due Out 8/25)  Genre:  Death Thrash/Groove Metal

Ever since The Haunted moved to a more alternative metal sound back in 2006, fans have been looking for them to get back to being heavier.  Well we may have gotten our wish.  If this latest song is any indication, the new album will be much louder than the band’s previous three releases.


#2.  Artist: Acrania  Song: “Festering with Dishonesty”  Album: Totalitarian Dystopia (Due Out 8/19)  Genre: Deathgrind
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Acrania (not to be confused with the thrash band Arcania) is a deathgrind band from England that will be releasing their debut album in August.  The first track from the album is totally fucking brutal.  Make sure to check these guys out.


#1.  Artist: Eluveitie  Song: “King”  Album: Origins (Due Out 8/5) 
Celtic Metal
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Yes this very popular folk metal band is from Switzerland, but the majority of their music deals with Celtic themes and instruments.  Here is the really cool music video for their song “King”

These are our picks for the best videos of the week.  Which ones were your favorites?  Are there any others that didn’t make the list.  Let us know in the comments section.

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