The Top 8 New Heavy Metal Music Videos Of The Week – 7/18/2014

by Mike Lawrence on July 18, 2014


These are the picks for the top eight new heavy metal music videos for the week ending July 18, 2014.  There was a lot of good stuff this week, making it increasingly difficult to pick just eight.  There are going to be a lot of excellent new albums dropping in the coming weeks and they are represented well here.  There are also some great new music videos from albums that are already currently available.  Here’s the best of the best.

#8. Artist: Dragonforce ft. Matt Heafy of Trivium  Song: “Defenders”  Album: Maximum Overload (Due Out 8/19)  Genre: Power Metal
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Here’s yet another single from the upcoming new Dragonforce album with Matt Heafy on backing vocals.  The riffs on this one are awesome.  Really looking forward to August 19th.


#7.  Artist: Hod  Song: “Through the Gates (They Come for Me)”  Album: Book Of The Worm (Due Out 9/9)  Genre: Blackened Death Metal
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Hod is an excellent black metal band from San Antonio Texas.  Here we get the amazing first single from their new album that will release this fall on Arctic Music.  Make sure to give them a like on Facebook:


#6. Artist: Enabler  Song: “Close My Eyes”  Album: La Fin Absolue Du Monde (2014)  Genre: Hardcore/Crust Punk
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The latest music video from Enabler is for a song with another spectacular mix of hardcore, extreme metal and sludge.  Their 2014 album La Fin Absolue Du Monde is highly acclaimed and should no be missed.


#5.  Artist: Omnihility  Song: “Disseminate”  Album: Deathscapes Of The Unconscious (Due Out 7/22)  Genre: Technical Death Metal
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Another single for relative newcomers Omnihility.  From the sound of their first couple of songs, these guys are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of tech death.


#4.  Artist: Darkest Hour  Song: “Rapture In Exile”  Album: Fuck Waiting Around To Die (Due Out 8/5)  Genre: Melodic Metalcore
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Darkest Hour recently mentioned that they would be changing their sound slightly and so far we like what we are hearing.  Their latest song is slightly heavier than some of the band’s previous material, but it’s a welcome change.


#3. Artist: Betraying The Martyrs  Song: Let It Go  Album: Phantom (2014)  Genre: Progressive/Deathcore
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Do you have little kids that are constantly making you watch Disney’s Frozen or listen to the soundtrack in the car?  Don’t you just want to poke your eyes out?  The next time they ask, play this cover version of the popular song “Let It Go”.  Either they won’t ask again or they’ll start getting into metal.  It’s a win, win.


#2.  Artist: Aborted  Song: “The Extirpation Agenda”  Album: The Necrotic Manifesto (2014)  Genre: Death Metal
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The latest album from Aborted has been receiving a lot of attention and critical acclaim.  We unfortunately have not had the chance to check it out yet.  However after viewing their newest video, we are going to get right on it.


#1.  Artist: Goatwhore  Song:  “Baring Teeth for Revolt”  Album: Constricting Rage Of The Merciless (2014)  Genre:  Death Thrash/Blackened Death Metal
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When we reviewed the latest effort from Goatwhore last week, we mentioned that this was easily our favorite track and now it has finally been released as a single.  The is a song driven by traditional heavy metal/NWOBHM riffs mixed with extreme metal.  Really excellent stuff.  If you have yet to check out the album, read our review HERE.

These are our picks for the best videos of the week.  Which ones were your favorites?  Are there any others that didn’t make the list.  Let us know in the comments section.

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