The Top 8 New Heavy Metal Music Videos Of The Week – 8/8/2014

by Mike Lawrence on August 8, 2014


This was a crazy week for new songs.  The Metal Descent inbox just kept filling up and our YouTube subscriptions were overrun.  Sufficing to say it was a daunting task to first narrow this list down and then try to put it in some sort of order.  We really wanted to have the new Slipknot song, “The Negative One”, on here but there were so many other songs that were even better.  Therefore we made the tough decision to leave it off.  We did it kicking and screaming but most of you should still be happy with the picks.   As difficult as the list was to create, this is a sign that we should be getting some excellent albums dropping over the next few months.


#8.  Artist: Black Trip  Song: “Goin Under”  Album: Goin’ Under (Due Out 8/19)  Genre: Root Metal
Preorder the album HERE

Damn!  We are really looking forward to this album.  When former members of death metal bands (Entombed & Dismember) come together to make traditional heavy metal, it certainly is something special.  The riffs on this one are awesome.


#7.  Artist: Starkill  Song: “Breaking the Madness”  Album: Virus Of The Mind (Due Out 10/14)  Genre: Extreme Metal

Starkill has so much going on, it’s almost impossible to categorize them.  They dip into black metal, melodic death metal, power metal, thrash and symphonic elements.  The first single from their upcoming album is amazing.


#6.  Artist: Below  Song: “Bid You Farewell”  Album: Across The Dark River (2014)  Genre: Doom Metal
Album available HERE

This is a great music video from Below’s Metal Blade debut record.  Both the song and the video have  a cool old school 1980’s doom metal vibe.


#5.  Artist: Dragonforce  Song: “Ring of Fire”  Album: Maximum Overload (Due out 8/19)  Genre: Power Metal
Preorder the album HERE

I never thought an extremely slow paced song like Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” would work as an up tempo power metal song, but this cover by Dragonforce proved me wrong.  I.O. panned this song in her REVIEW of the album, but I definitely thought it was great.  What do you think?  Tell us in the comments section.


#4.  Artist: Hang The Bastard  Song: “Sex in the Seventh Circle”  Album: Sex In The Seventh Circle (Due Out 9/22)  Genre: Sludge Metal

Here’s some good ole sludge with metalcore influences from Hang The Bastard.  We’re excited to check the whole album out when it drops in September but for now enjoy the title track.


#3.  Artist: Decapitated  Song: “The Blasphemous Psalm to the Dummy God Creation”  Album: Blood Mantra (Due out 9/30)  Genre: Technical Death Metal
Preorder the album HERE

The title of this song is awesome and the song itself is even better.  The upcoming new album from Decapitated is already receiving a ton of praise from critics and fellow metal artists.


#2.  Artist: Sorxe  Song: “Steamroller”  Album: Surrounded By Shadows (Due out 9/2)  Genre: Sludge Metal

Admittedly none of us had ever heard of Sorxe before receiving this song in our mailbox and rightfully so as the band’s debut album will not be released until September.  With that said, their first single from the album is absolutely amazing.


#1. Artist: Godflesh  Song: “New Dark Ages”  Album: A World Lit Only By Fire (Due Out 10/7)  Genre: Industrial Metal

Three words can be used to describe the new Godflesh song: Total Industrial Awesomeness.  Material like this is lacking right now in the world of industrial metal.  If this song is any indication, the new album should give the entire genre a swift kick in the ass.

These are our picks for the best videos of the week.  Which ones were your favorites?  Are there any others that didn’t make the list.  Let us know in the comments section.

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