The Top 8 New Metal Music Videos Of The Week: 09/12/14

by Mike Lawrence on September 12, 2014


Photo Credit: Jeremy Saffer

Damn, we have an excellent top 8 for you this week.  The list is a solid mix of both established and underground metal bands.  Over the next month, a lot of new albums are going to be dropping.  Thankfully we get a glimpse of what some of them will be like through these new songs and videos.  All we can say is that we are really looking forward to checking out as many of them as we possibly can.  Until then, enjoy these 8 amazing songs.

#8.  Artist: Verse Vica  Song: “Ravenholm”  Album: Endeavor (Due Out 10/7)  Genre: Progressive Metal

This is an excellent song from newcomers Verse Vica.  The tune is a great mix of solid progressive elements, blast beats, jazzy breakdowns and guttural vocals.  It’s a happy medium between straight progressive metal and technical death metal.  We have already featured the band on our site.  You can check it out HERE.


#7.  Artist: Butcher Babies  Song: “They’re Coming to Take Me Away” (Napoleon XIV Cover)  Album: Uncovered  (Due Out 9/30)  Genre: Groove Metal
Preorder the album HERE

Following the success of their major label debut, Butcher Babies are releasing a five song covers EP.  This is the first song released from it and it’s a really fun take on the Napoleon XIV classic.


#6.  Artist: Implode  Song: “Stress Communion”  Album: I Of Everything (Due Out 2015)  Genre: Death Thrash

This is a totally fast, ass kicking new track from up and coming Swedish thrash band, Implode.  Make sure to keep your eye out for these guys because if this song is any indication, their upcoming 2015 album is going to be awesome.


#5.  Artist: Bullet  Song: “Riding High”  Album: Storm Of Blades (2014)  Genre: Root Metal
Album available HERE

If you love old school 1980’s style metal in the vein of Grim Reaper, Saxon and Judas Priest, you will absolutely love this song from the Swedish metallers.


#4.  Artist: Unearth  Song: “The Swarm”  Album: Watchers Of Rule (Due Out 10/28)  Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Preorder the album HERE

The Massachusetts metalcore veterans are back with what may be one of their heaviest tracks to date.  “The Swarm” is fast, well executed and the vocals are outstanding.


#3.  Artist: Cannibal Corpse  Song: “The Murderer’s Pact”  Album: A Skeletal Domain (Due Out 9/16)  Genre: Death Metal
Preorder the album HERE

Here’s another great track from the dark and sinister upcoming new album from Cannibal Corpse.  We have already gotten a chance to hear the whole album and you can check out our review HERE.


#2.  Artist: AntropomorphiA  Song: “Carved To Pieces”  Album: Rites Ov Perversion  (Due Out 9/16)  Genre: Death Metal
Preorder the album HERE

This is another under the radar album that we are really looking forward to checking out.  It seems that Metal Blade has another great new death metal band on their hands.  This song is so damn brutal and heavy that it will literally knock you to the floor.


#1.  Artist: Exodus ft. Kirk Hammett  Song: “Salt the Wound”  Album: Blood In Blood Out (Due out 10/14)  Genre: Thrash
Preorder the album HERE

All we can say about this one is WOW!!  This is exactly what a thrash song is supposed to sound like and the guest solo from Metallica‘s Kirk Hammett is fucking awesome.  This may be one of the best metal songs of the year thus far.  Don’t miss out on this one.

Which of these new tracks is your favorite?  Are there any tunes that you feel should have made the list?  Let us know in the comments section.

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