The Top 8 New Metal Music Videos Of The Week: 10/10/14

by Mike Lawrence on October 10, 2014


This week we have a great mix of songs from established and underground metal bands.  There is promising stuff from newcomers like Eyes Of Mara, Khold and Cripper and great music videos from the likes of Within The Ruins, Devin Townsend Project and Decapitated.  The future looks bright for metal with all these great young bands coming along and Metal Blade Records certainly seems to be at the forefront of this new surge as, in addition to Crippper, we have previously featured songs from Dictated, Atropomorphia, Mount Salem and Below, just to name a few.  As always make sure to check out all the songs, even the ones that fall into subgenres you may not like.  Some of the stuff this week may surprise you.

#8.  Artist: Eyes Of Mara  Song: “Control”  Album: Eyes Of Mara (Due Out 10/28)  Genre: Metalcore

This is the first single off the debut full length from California’s Eyes Of Mara.  The song is super heavy metalcore with progressive/djent elements peppered in.  These guys could definitely have a solid career ahead of them.


#7.  Artist: Khold  Song: “Til Endes”  Album: Til Endes (2014)  Genre: Black Metal
Album available HERE

“Til Endes” is a really heavy and catchy black metal tune accompanied by the typical black metal music video; the band playing in the woods.  This is definitely cleaner produced metal so fans of raw black metal may not love it but it doesn’t matter because this is a damn good track.


#6.  Artist: Old Man Gloom  Song: “Predators”  Album: The Ape Of God (Due Out 11/11)  Genre: Sludge Metal
Preorder the album HERE

Old Man Gloom was around for four years from 2000-2004 before taking a long hiatus until 2012.  Now we are getting their second album in 2 years and if this track is any indication, we are in store for some heavy hardcore style sludge.


#5.  Artist: Within The Ruins  Song: “Calling Card”  Album: Phenomena (2014)  Genre: Progressive/Metalcore
Album available HERE

Within The Ruins is a busy band turning out new albums almost yearly since 2009.  With such a busy writing, recording and touring schedule along with the impending opening of guitarist Joe Cocchi’s beer brewery, it baffles us how they were able to turn out such an impressive record this year.  This new video is for one of the album’s top tracks and is really cool if you grew up loving comic books.

 #4.  Artist: Decapitated  Song: “Instinct”  Album: Blood Mantra (2014)  Genre: Technical Death Metal/Groove Metal
Album available HERE

Once again, we get another awesome single from Decapitated’s latest album, Blood Mantra.  If you haven’t done so already, make sure to check this one out.


#3.  Artist: Sworn In  Song: “Mindless”  Album: The Death Card (2013)  Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore
Album available HERE

This is the third single from Sworn In’s debut full length album.  For those of you who haven’t heard their stuff before, their music is extremely heavy metalcore that puts most other genre acts to shame.


#2.  Artist: Devin Townsend Project  Song: “Deathray”  Album: (Due Out 10/28)  Genre: Progressive/Extreme Metal
Preorder the album HERE

What other words can be used to describe Devin Townsend’s music besides strange, heavy and just plain amazing?  The same can be said for this song off his upcoming new album due out at the end of the month.


#1.  Artist: Cripper  Song: “Tourniquet”  Album: Hyëna  (Due Out 11/25) Genre: Death Thrash
Preorder the album HERE

Cripper is new school thrash metal at its finest and this new track from their upcoming Metal Blade Records debut is no exception.  This is another under the radar album that we are totally excited to take a listen to when we get the chance.

Which of these 8 songs was your favorite?  Was there one that we missed this week?  Sound off with your opinions in our comments section.

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