The Top 8 New Metal Music Videos Of The Week: 10/17/14

by Mike Lawrence on October 17, 2014


Photo Credit: Tom Barnes

We’ve got another solid week of new metal videos and songs for you to check out.  There are some great new tracks from underground acts like Atriarch and Shadowsphere as well as some new music videos from heavyweights like Carcass and Goatwhore. Also, the new albums coming from the likes of Unearth, Obituary and Cavalera Conspiracy are shaping up to be pretty damn good if these new songs are any indication.


#8.  Artist: Atriarch  Song: “Bereavement”  Album: An Unending Pathway (Due Out 10/28)  Genre: Death/Doom
Preorder the album HERE

This is an excellent death/doom track from Atriarch that has notes of black metal, crust punk and drone metal strewn throughout.


#7.  Artist: Cavalera Conspiracy  Song: “Babylonian Pandemonium”  Album: Pandemonium (Due Out 11/4) Genre: Death Thrash/Groove Metal
Preorder the album HERE

What a goddamn heavy song from Cavalera Conspiracy.  Definitely cannot wait for this album.  This song boasts heavy riffs, catchy grooves and excellent harsh vocals.


#6.  Artist: Obituary  Song: “Inked in Blood”  Album: Inked In Blood (Due Out 10/28)  Genre: Death Metal/Death Thrash
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The first couple of tracks released from Obituary’s upcoming album have been quite fast and somewhat thrash driven.  With “Inked in Blood” we get our first taste of heavy, straightforward death metal.


#5.  Artist: Goatwhore  Song: “Nocturnal Conjuration of the Accursed”  Album: Constricting Rage Of The Merciless (2014)  Genre: Extreme Metal
Album available HERE

Goatwhore’s Constricting Rage Of The Merciless is easily one of the best albums of 2014 so far and now we get a cool music video for one of the record’s top tracks.


#4.  Artist: Carcass  Song: “Granulating Dark Satanic Mills”  Album: Surgical Steel (2013)  Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Album available HERE

Now we come to one of the best albums of 2013, Carcass’ Surgical Steel.  Finally we get a music video for for one of the most well constructed and well executed songs on the record.  The band also plans to release an EP called Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel on 11/11 that contains 5 more songs from the Surgical Steel sessions which you can preorder HERE.


#3.  Artist: Unearth  Song: “Guardians of Contagion”  Album: Watchers of Rule (Due Out 10/28)  Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Preorder the album HERE

The latest song from Massachusetts metalcore veterans, Unearth, is both really heavy and undeniably catchy.  Hopefully their entire upcoming new album follows suit.


#2.  Artist: Shadowsphere  Song: “The Everlasting Dream”  Album: Darklands (Due Out 11/11)  Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Thrash

Portuguese metal band Shadowsphere has re-recorded their 2004 debut album, Darklands,  and will release the updated record in November.  This time around the songs seem a bit more thrashy, especially the first single “The Everlasting Dream”.


#1: Artist: Sylosis  Song: “Mercy”  Album: Dormant Heart (Due Out 2015)  Genre: Neo-Thrash

The new Sylosis song is fucking amazing!!!  It is dark, heavy and melodic all at the same time.  The song is defined by great riffs, excellent lead guitar work and outstanding vocals.

Which of these eight tracks is your favorite?  Are there any new songs or videos for the week that you feel we missed?  Sound off with you opinions in the comments section.

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