The Top 8 New Metal Music Videos Of The Week: 10/24/14

by Mike Lawrence on October 24, 2014


This was a great week for new metal music and videos.  It was extremely hard to order this week’s picks as we liked all the songs almost equally.  We would even go as far as to say that we had two number ones this week.  It pretty much came down to the flip of a coin to choose which songs would be numbers one and two.  With that said, make sure you do not miss any of the songs and videos that we are featuring on this go around.  You will not be disappointed.

#8.  Artist: Hideous Divinity  Song: “Cobra Verde”  Album: Cobra Verde (Due out 10/28)  Genre: Technical Death Metal
Preorder the album HERE

Here’s another amazing track from the upcoming new album from Hideous Divinity.  We have already heard the whole album and it’s amazing, so make sure to check it out.  You can read our short review of the album HERE.


#7. Artist: Krisiun  Song: “Blood of Lions”  Album: The Great Execution (2011)  Genre: Death Metal
Album available HERE

The Brazilian death metal veterans announced that they have a new album in the works for 2015.  Until then, this new music video for “Blood of Lions” from their 2011 album will have to tide us over.


#6.  Artist: Carcass  Song: “Livestock Marketplace”  Album: Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel EP (Due Out 11/11)  Genre: Melodic Death Metal
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Here’s the first track from Carcass’ new EP.  The EP consists of five tracks left over from the sessions for their amazing 2013 album, Surigcal Steel, which you can read about HERE.  The song is a bit different than what you may be used to from them but it’s still damn heavy.

#5.  Artist: Crowbar  Song: “Symmetry in White”  Album: Symmetry In Black (2014)  Genre: Sludge Metal
Album available HERE

This is a gory and creepy music video for one of the best tracks from Crowbar’s latest album.  We reviewed the album earlier in the year and you can read about it HERE.  The video for the song is awesome.  Make sure not to miss it.


#4.  Artist: Devin Townsend Project  Song: “Rejoice”  Album: (Due Out 10/28)  Genre: Progressive Metal
Preorder the album HERE

If the first couple of tracks released are any indication, the new album from Devin Townsend project is going to be epic and “Rejoice” may be the best song we have heard from it yet.  Keep an eye out for our review of the album which will be coming soon.


#3.  Artist: Job For A Cowboy  Song: “Eating the Visions of God”  Album: Sun Eater (Due Out 11/11)  Genre: Death Metal
Preorder the album HERE

Love the song title.  Love the song even more.  Sun Eater is easily one of the November releases that we are most anticipating.  Based on the first couple of tracks, the band has evolved their sound a bit but they still sound really spectacular.


#2.  Artist: Skálmöld  Song:Að hausti”  Album: Með vættum (Due Out 11/11)  Genre: Viking Metal
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The riffs in the latest song from the Icelandic metallers sound like the return of classic 1980’s NWOBHM.  Plus the band mixes in a tremendously catchy Viking metal style that fans of the subgenre will love.


#1.  Artist: A Breach Of Silence  Song: “The Darkest Road”  Album: The Darkest Road (2014)  Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Album available HERE

Keep your eye on these Australians.  We think they’re going to hit it big sooner rather than later.  They are one of our favorite underground bands of 2014.  A Breach Of Silence offers much more than your prototypical metalcore act.  There are elements of melodic death metal, traditional death metal, thrash and even slight bits of power metal mixed into all of their songs.  Their latest music video is a perfect example of their overall sound.  Check out our short review of their new album HERE.

Which of these eight new songs/videos was your favorite?  Are there any great new songs that we missed this week?  Let us know by sounding off in the comments section.

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