The Top 8 New Metal Music Videos Of The Week: 11/21/14

by Mike Lawrence on November 21, 2014


There are new songs from Faith No More and Napalm Death this week. ‘Nuff Said.   As awesome as that is, there are also six other amazing new tracks and videos to check out this week.

8.  Artist: Obituary  Song: “Bloodsoaked”  Album: Inked In Blood (2014)  Genre: Death Metal/Death Thrash
Album available HERE

“Bloodsoaked”is  a bonus track from Obituary’s latest album.  It is an updated version of the song from their 1989 debut album, Slowly We Rot.  The new recording of the song has thicker riffs and a bit more substance than the original.  We wish that the other tracks on the new album had been more like this one.


#7.  Artist: Arcade Messiah  Song: “Sun Exile”  Album: Arcade Messiah  (Due Out 12/2)  Genre: Doom/Progressive Metal

Arcade Messiah is the new instrumental solo project from John Bassett.  “Sun Exile” is the second track released from the upcoming debut album.  It has an amazing mix of doom, progressive and ambient elements.


#6.  Artist: Dantalion  Song: “Raven’s Dawn”  Album: Where Fear Is Born (2014)  Genre: Death/Doom

We recently featured Dantalion on Sounds From The Heavy Metal Underground.  They have been around since 2006, releasing five albums but have stayed mostly under the radar.  If you love chunky and slow death/doom, make sure to check out this tune.


#5.  Artist: Faith No More  Song: “Motherfucker”  Album: ?? (Due Out 2015)  Genre: Alternative Metal

Is this the best FNM song ever?  No, but at least we finally have new music from the band after sixteen long years.  The tune is signature Mike Patton and by the end it gets fairly heavy.


#4.  Artist: Triptykon  Song: “Tree of Suffocating Souls”  Album: Melana Chasmata (2014) Genre: Death Doom/Death Thrash
Album available HERE

For our money Melana Chasmata is easily one of the best metal albums of the year.  Most of the album goes the death/doom route but this particular song is one of a couple that most reminded us of To Mega Therion era Celtic Frost and Hellhammer.


#3.  Artist: Ramming Speed  Song: “Anthems of Despair”  Album: Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die (2013)  Genre: Crossover Thrash
Album available HERE

What a straightforward, kick ass crossover song!!  This is what party thrash is all about.  The band even returned to their hometown of Boston to film this video at some of their old stomping grounds.


#2.  Artist: Black Crown Initiate  Song: “The Fractured One”  Album: The Wreckage Of Stars (2014)  Genre: Progressive/Death Metal
Album available HERE

Black Crown Initiate dropped one of the year’s best debut metal albums back in September.  Now we are getting their second ever music video for one of the more brutal songs on the album.  If you have not gotten the chance to check these guys out, make sure you do.


#1.  Artist: Napalm Death  Song: “Cesspits”  Album: Apex Predator – Easy Meat (Due Out 1/27/2015)  Genre: Extreme Metal

Finally!  New Napalm Death is here and it’s absolutely grindtastic.  This  may be one of the band’s best songs in quite some time and should have fans clamoring to check out the rest of the album.

Which one of these 8 picks is your favorite?  Did we miss any excellent new songs from the last week?  Tell us about it in the comments section.

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