The Top 8 New Metal Music Videos Of The Week: 11/28/14

by Mike Lawrence on November 28, 2014

Summon The Faithless

Why does practically everything have to be deathcore or djent these days?  We don’t have anything against either of them but things certainly are becoming over-saturated.  Our inbox was full of new songs and videos this week and at least 75% of them were from one of those two subgenres.  You can only take so many palm mutes and super deep gutturals before things begin to get old. They are quickly becoming the nu metal of this generation.  Thankfully, we were able to search around a bit this week to come up with a very solid Top 8.  Take a listen.

#8.  Artist: Ophidian I  Song: “Whence They Came”  Album: ??? (2015)  Genre: Technical Death Metal

Ophidian I is a promising technical death metal band from Iceland who is currently in the studio working on their sophomore album.  No other details about the album are known at this time but we are getting our first taste with the very proggy song, “Whence They Came”.


#7.  Artist: Skinner  Song: “Orphans of Liberty”  Album: Sleepwalkers (2014)  Genre: Thrash/Power Metal
Album available HERE

The fast thrash riffs in Skinner’s latest track will absolutely melt your face.  Plus any song that pays tribute to the troops is all right with us.  Makes sure to check out their latest album, Sleepwalkers, as well.


#6.  Artist: Van Canto  Song: “Fear of the Dark” (Iron Maiden Cover) Album: Hero ( 2008) Genre: A Capella/Power Metal
Album available HERE

Nuclear Blast has released a live video from Van Canto’s set at this year’s Wacken Open Air.  For those of you who have not heard of Van Canto, they are an A Capella, that’s right I said A Capella, metal band.  You can find the original cover of the Iron Maiden classic on their 2008 album, Hero.


#5.  Artist: The Kill  Song: “Public Execution”  Album: Kill Them…All (Due Out 12/2014)  Genre: Grindcore

This is sick ass, kick ass grindcore from the crazy Australians of The Kill.  The tune is off the band’s second full length album which will be available some time in December.


#4.  Artist: The Banner  Song: “Circle of Salt”  Album: The Greying (Due Out 12/9)  Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore
Preorder the album HERE

The Banner is a hardcore band from New Jersey that features a lot of dissonant metal influences.  Their latest track is heavy, raw and blistering.


#3.  Artist: Job For A Cowboy  Song: “Encircled By Mirrors”  Album: Sun Eater (2014)  Genre: Progressive/Death Metal
Album available HERE

We have yet another great song released from Job For A Cowboy’s latest death metal masterpiece, Sun Eater.  This time around, the band features a lot more progressive elements.  However, this particular track is one of the album’s faster, slightly more traditional tunes.


#2.  Artist: Sylosis  Song: “Leech”  Album: Dormant Heart (Due Out 1/13/2015)  Genre: Neo-Thrash
Preorder the album HERE

To say that we are excited to check out Sylosis’ new album when it drops in January would be an understatement.  This second single is just as good as the first.  The guitars are fast, the vocals are harsh and the song is extremely well composed.


#1.  Artist: Lord Dying  Song: “A Wound Outside of Time”  Album: Poisoned Altars (Due Out 1/27/2015)  Genre: Sludge Metal
Preorder the album HERE

Based on this track, it looks like Oregon’s Lord Dying may have another sludge opus on their hands.  Once again they bring their unique style of sludge mixed with notes of extreme metal.  The riffs and arrangement of this latest track are absolutely amazing.  Their new album is due to drop at the end of January.

Which one of this week’s 8 new songs/videos is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments section.

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