The Top 8 New Metal Music Videos Of The Week: 12/12/14

by Mike Lawrence on December 12, 2014


Due to the immense amount of new albums that will be released at the beginning of 2015, we are finally getting a huge influx of great new songs to listen to.  There were so many excellent tracks this week that it was not only incredibly difficult to narrow it to down to eight songs, but then trying to order them became a project in itself.  On top of the new music, there were also a couple of new videos from albums that were released back in 2013.  All of this came together in one of our best top eight lists so far.  Be sure to check out all the songs that we are featuring.

#8.  Artist: Beyond The Styx  Song: “SanctuarINK”  Album: Leviathanima (Due Out 2/2015)  Genre: Deathcore

With the huge nu metal-like over-saturation of deathcore these days, it takes a lot for one of these bands to impress us.  Thankfully, Beyond The Styx is one of the acts that has “it”.  This is not your typical cookie cutter deathcore.  The band puts their own huge stamp on this very popular form of metal.


#7.  Artist: Fleshgod Apocalypse  Song: “Epilogue”  Album: Labyrinth (2013)  Genre: “Symphonic”/Technical Death Metal
Album available HERE

Italy’s Fleshgod Apocalypse is one of a small handful of “symphonic” death metal bands joining the likes of the popular Greek act, Septicflesh.  They released one of the more brilliant albums of 2013 and now the band brings us a really cool music video for one of the record’s best tracks.


#6.  Artist: Surrender The Coast  Song: “Lost Souls”  Album: Lost Souls EP (Due Out 2/22/2015)  Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore
Preorder the album HERE

This is some seriously heavy as fuck metal infused hardcore.  It’s hard to categorize but simply calling it metalcore would do the music a huge injustice.  Fans of old school hardcore and extreme metal will absolutely love this tune.


#5.  Artist: Dimesland  Song: “Bound in Stone”  Album: Psychogenic Atrophy (2014)  Genre: Progressive Metal
Album available HERE

This is the second time we are featuring the Oakland natives on our top 8 list.  We have a copy of their new album and based on the first two singles, we can’t wait to check it out.  The band has so much originality that it’s impossible to pigeon hole them into one subgenre.  What we can tell you is that fans of punk rock, avant-garde, Celtic Frost and Voivod can all find something to love about Dimesland.


#4.  Artist: Psycroptic  Song: “Echoes to Come”  Album: Psycroptic (Due Out 2015) Genre: Technical Death Metal

The Australian tech metallers will release their Prosthetic Records debut sometime in 2015.  This week we get our first sample of what the album will be like and it’s awesome!  We can’t quite put our fingers on exactly what it is but the band brings something a bit different to the world of technical death metal.  Check it out and see if you can figure it out.


#3.  Artist: Witherscape  Song: “The New Tomorrow”  Album: The New Tomorrow EP (2014)  Genre: Atmospheric/Technical Death Metal
Album available HERE

Earlier this week Witherscape released a seven song EP and once again they did not disappoint.  The latest track from the record it just what you would expect; beauty, brutality and technical precision from one of the best in the business.


#2.  Artist: Cvinger  Song: “Summoning”  Album: The Enthronement Ov Diabolical Souls (2014)  Genre: Black Metal

Cvinger is a Slovenian black metal band that just released their debut album last week.  This song represents the first time we have heard the band and we were damn impressed.  We were slightly unsure as the track began but as soon as the heavy, grimy black metal kicked in, we were immediately hooked.


#1.  Artist: Battlecross  Song: “My Vaccine”  Album: War Of Will  (2013)  Genre: Thrash/Melodic Death Metal
Album available HERE

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, Battlecross is one of the fastest rising bands in metal music today.  Their popularity surged due to their intense live shows and their amazing Metal Blade Records debut, War Of Will, which we named the number one Best Metal Album of 2013.   Their latest music video brings another one of the album’s powerful songs to the masses.  If you have never seen them live, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Which one of this week’s top 8 was your favorite?  With so many great new songs this week, we may have missed one of your personal favorites.  Are there any songs that you think should have been featured?  Sound off in the comments section.

Mike Lawrence is METAL DESCENT’s Associate Editor and Senior Social Media Manager.  You can follow him on Twitter at @metaldadk.

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