The Top 8 New Metal Music Videos Of The Week: 12/19/14

by Mike Lawrence on December 20, 2014

Photo Courtesy of The Midnight Ghost Train Facebook Page

We have eight more spectacular new songs and music videos to share with you this week.  Based on the tracks we have been getting in our inbox, it looks like the start of 2015 is going to be full of really good new album releases.  This definitely seems like it will be an exciting time for metal fans.  Once again with so many great songs to choose from, this week’s list was extremely hard to put together but that is  a damn good problem to have.

#8.  Artist: Dark Funeral  Song: “Nail Them to the Cross”  Album: Nail Them to the Cross 7″ Single (Due Out 2015)  Genre: Black Metal

Finally we have new Dark Funeral music.  It’s only a single right now but one has to believe that  a new album isn’t far behind.  Signing with a big label like Century Media hasn’t hurt them at all.  This is still brutal, kick ass black metal.


#7.  Artist: Dr. Living Dead  Song: “Civilized to Death”  Album: Crush The Sublime Gods (Due Out 2/24/2015)  Genre: Crossover Thrash
Preorder the album HERE

This is some seriously heavy and catchy crossover thrash from the Swedish natives, Dr. Living Dead.  Their sophomore album is due out in February.  Be sure to check them out.


#6.  Artist: Battle Beast  Song: “Madness”  Album: Unholy Savior (Due Out 1/13/2015)  Genre: Root Metal
Preorder the album HERE

For those of you who have not heard Battle Beast, they are a pure heavy metal band with a raspy female vocalist.  Their latest song off of their upcoming third album features great riffs and seriously cool vocals.  For more on the band, give their 2013 self-titled record a listen.


#5.  Artist: Devin Townsend Project  Song: “March of the Poozers”  Album: (2014)  Genre: Progressive Metal
Album available HERE

We have yet another spectacular song from Devin Townsend’s latest album.   Townsend certainly has a knack for knowing which tracks from the album will be the best ones to release as singles.


#4.  Artist: Lord Dying  Song: “An Open Sore”  Album: Poisoned Altars (Due Out 1/27/2015)  Genre: Sludge Metal
Preorder the album HERE

This is the one January release that we are most looking forward to hearing.  If Lord Dying’s first two song releases are any indication, Poisoned Altars could be an early candidate for a top 10 album of 2015.


#3.  Artist: Allegaeon  Song: “Threshold of Perception”  Album: Elements Of The Infinite (2014)  Genre: Technical Death Metal
Album available HERE

Allegaeon has finally released a music video for one of the 100 Best Song of 2014.  The video features a rather weird, yet funny romp on the beach by all the members of the band.  Strange video aside, this was one of the best bands of 2014 as we rated their latest album #2 on our 50 Best Metal Albums of 2014.


#2.  Artist: Nightkin  Song: “Game of Thrones Theme”  Album: Corpse Flower (Due Out 2015)  Genre: Melodic Death/Black Metal

Nightkin is somewhat of a supergroup featuring Mike McKenzie of The Red Chord and former Black Dahlia Murder members Dave Lock and Zach Gibson.  They released an EP in 2013 and will now drop their full length debut in 2015.  We’re unsure if their cover of the theme from HBO’s Game Of Thrones will make the cut but we are keeping our fingers crossed.  This is a seriously crushing version of the song that fans of the show and heavy metal will both appreciate.


#1.  Artist: The Midnight Ghost Train  Song: “Gladstone”  Album: Cold Was The Ground (Due Out 3/10/2015)  Genre: Sludge Metal

Goddamn the riffs in this song from Kansas’ The Midnight Ghost Train are seriously sick.  The tune has that magical combo of doom guitars, stoner atmospheres and overall heavy metal perfection.  Here’s hoping that the rest of this album is just as good.

Which one of our 8 picks is your favorite?  Did we miss any good new songs this week?  Tell us about it in the comments section.

Mike Lawrence is METAL DESCENT’s Associate Editor and Senior Social Media Manager.  You can follow him on Twitter at @metaldadk.

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