This Week’s New Heavy Metal Album Releases: 12/09/14

by Mike Lawrence on December 9, 2014


The end of 2014 has had its share of really solid new releases, which is unusual.  Most of the time labels release their good material by the beginning of November at the latest or they wait for the start of the new year.  This week features a lot of good stuff including more great Celtic metal from Cruachan, an excellent EP from Witherscape and the sophomore album from Richard Z. Krupse’s (Rammstein) Emigrate.  Other notable albums come from The Banner, Cretin, Frowning and more.  Take a look at the whole list of new records below.

Cruachan-Blood-for-the-blood-god-new-12-9-14Cruachan – Blood For The Blood God (Celtic Metal)
Album available HERE



emigrate-slilent-so-long-new-12-9-2014Emigrate – Silent So Long (Industrial Metal)
Album available HERE



Witherscape-the-new-tomorrow-new-12-9-14Witherscape – The New Tomorrow EP (Atmospheric/Technical Death Metal)
Album available HERE

  • Autere – Amal’l (Melodic Death Metal)
  • The Banner – Greying (Hardcore/Metalcore)
  • Bloodlash – Drowning Amidst The Nebulae EP (Technical Death Metal)
  • Bones – Awaiting Rebirth EP (Death Metal)
  • Centinex – Redeeming Filth (Death Metal)
  • Crepuscolo – Revolution Evilution (Deathcore)
  • Cretin – Stranger (Deathgrind)
  • Crossed Fire – Life’s A Gamble (Groove Metal)
  • Execration – Morbid Dimensions (Death Metal)
  • Faithful Darkness – Archgod (Thrash/Melodic Death Metal)
  • Frowning – Funeral Impressions (Funeral Doom)
  • Jucifer – District of Dystopia (Doom Metal)
  • Kouzin Bedlam – Longing For The Incomplete (Power/Progressive Metal)
  • Nervochaos – The Art of Vengeance (Death Metal)
  • Ram / Portrait – Under Command Split EP (Root Metal)
  • Sarpedon – Anomic Nation (Progressive Metal)
  • Stormcast – Frame of Mind (Atmospheric/Black Metal)
  • Thaw – Earth Ground (Black Metal)
  • Varathron – Untrodden Corridors of Hades (Black Metal)

Which of this week’s new albums will you be taking a listen to?  Have you already heard any of them?  What did you think?  Sound off in our comments section.

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