This Week’s New Heavy Metal Album Releases – 2/18/2014

by Mike Lawrence on February 17, 2014


This is a pretty strong week for new releases.  Symphony X and Dream Theater supergroup Adrenaline Mob has released their second record Men of Honor.  At the behest of their fans, thrash veterans Flotsam and Jetsam have re-recorded and remixed their 1988 classic album No Place For Disgrace.  The amazing old school style metal band Slough Feg has released their ninth studio album and for those of you looking for some early 2000’s nu metal nostalgia, there is fifth album from Skindred as well.  Other releases come in the form of mostly extreme metal including new material from Aborted Fetus, Tyrants Blood, Benighted and more.  This is a really excellent time for new albums, so make sure to dive into a few of these and let us know what you think in our comments section.

adrenalinemob-menofhonor-new-2-18-2014Adrenaline Mob – Men Of Honor (Root Metal)
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flotsam-and-jetsam-no-place-for-disgrace-new-2-18-2014Flotsam and Jetsam – No Place For Disgrace: 2014 (Thrash)
Available on Amazon




skindredkillthepower-new-2-18-2014Skindred – Kill The Power (Alternative Metal)
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SloughFeg-DigitalResistance-new-2-18-2014Slough Feg – Digital Resistance (Root Metal)
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  • Aborted Fetus – Private Judgment Day (Death Metal)
  • Benighted – Carnivore Sublime (Deathgrind)
  • Cripple Bastards – Nero In Metastasi (Grindcore)
  • Cynic – Kindly Bent To Free Us (Progressive Metal)
  • Down Among The Dead Men – Down Among The Dead Men (Death Metal)
  • Enthrallment – The Voice of Human Perversity (Death Metal)
  • Gridlink – Longhena (Grindcore)
  • I Killed The Prom Queen – Beloved (Melodic Metalcore)
  • Issues – Issues (Metalcore)
  • More Than A Thousand – Volume 5: Lost At Home (Metalcore)
  • One Machine – The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth (Progressive/Thrash)
  • Pale Divine – Cemetery Earth (Doom Metal)
  • Sahg – Delusions Of Grandeur (Doom Metal)
  • Sarke – Aruagint (Black Metal)
  • Soreption – Engineering The Void (Technical Death Metal)
  • Suicide Silence – Ending Is The Beginning: The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show CD/DVD (Deathcore)
  • Tyrants Blood – Coven (Death Thrash)

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